Anne Rakowiecki (rack-uh-wick-ee)


I’m a DePaul University graduate with an English/Creative Writing BA who hails from St. Louis but loves living in Chicago. I’m skilled at proofreading, editing, writing, and I have a very sharp eye for detail. I love grammar. I have a passion for syntax, flow, and generally creating highly readable, polished work.

I’ve interned in the Editorial Department of the Chicago-based hospitality magazine Concierge Preferred, have had articles, blogs, creative nonfiction, and more published on various websites, and for over six years have written theatre and concert reviews for the online Chicago-based A&E publication Buzz News.

I also offer editing and proofreading services through social media outlets alongside my full-time job and have received positive feedback from my clients. Ideally, while I currently work in marketing, I’ve always considered editorial my dream job and would love to move into a career that effectively utilizes my strong proofreading and writing skills but am also open to freelance projects.

Live in Chicago and want me to review your play? Looking for someone to edit your term paper? Need a small bio written for your band? Dying to commission someone to write an in-depth thinkpiece on what the world would be like if Hogwarts was real?

Email me!


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